Malta-Venezuela Free Betting Tips –

Malta-Venezuela Free Betting Tips

Malta and Venezuela are facing each other in one of the friendlies corresponding to the FIFA date, looking for a win that would be important for what is to come. Both teams must improve a lot if they want to be in the big events (in fact, they have never been able to qualify to a World Cup), considering that they are still giving huge advantages in all their lines. In fact, although they have achieved some circumstantial victories recently (Malta has just beaten Kuwait and Azerbaijan; Venezuela beat Bolivia 4-1 earlier this year), they are far from being competitive teams. Likewise, their defensive frailties continue to be major and, at the same time, they have not been able to consolidate a good level in attack, suffering many defeats in their last matches. Incidentally, they finished the qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup in last place, with very opaque and lackluster performances. Thus, a close and tight match is expected, with few goals and little lucidity in the game.

This will be the first meeting between the two teams.

Both teams finished the qualifiers in last place.

Both teams have never qualified for a World Cup in their history.

Both teams suffered many defeats in their last matches.

It is unlikely that we will see many goals in this match, considering the difficulties of both teams. It is expected to be an even and balanced game.

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Author: Jim Rogers